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Print Management  
Print Management is based on PrintLimit® LLC Technology

We are providing a simple, easy-to-use print manager and monitor software which is designed and buit to keep track of and control your print jobs, bill your customer, set up your printer queue in order to optimize efficiency and get rid of the distress of manually arranging large range of print jobs.

Regardless of whether you’re managing a large corporation with hundreds of employees or own a small business with merely a couple of workers our Print Management Solution will help you organize efficiently your printing processes, streamline printers’ usage and minimize your cost.

Our Print Management Software Suite works on the same network with any:
Printer Brand and Printer Technology
Combinations of Printers
Printer Interface and Combination of Printer Interfaces


User-Friendly Print Management

This popular print management software is created to be easy and simple to make use of, even if it’s the first time you’ve been in control of a entirely robotic printer control solution.

Print Tracking & Log
Our print tracking software can capture all information related to printing, including: number of pages, date and time submitted, user name, computer name, printer name, document name, color, paper size and job size.

Print Control & Restriction
Use policies to quickly handle and control the jobs being created from each workstation and also the amount of printing each individual user is allowed to make. Printing is not allowed whenever the quantity of pages goes beyond the outmost permitted print limit allocated for a print job or user. More limitations can be placed by individual, workstation, document identify, color, size, working day. Whenever they hit the restrictions, PrintLimit will automatically halt or cancel their jobs.

Print Quota & Limit
Let PrintLimit's print manager track your user quotas and account balance. When users are over the limit, their jobs are halted or cancelled until they make changes accordingly. As a result, no one ever goes above their print quotas!

Print Accounting
PrintLimit's print accounting tool enables you to set pre-defined charges for jobs. Rates can be set for each printer by quantity of pages, white and black/color, single side/duplex, and paper size (70 standard paper sizes and 40 self-definable paper sizes).

Printer Counter & Toner / Ink Monitor
Our printer management program allows you to scan your network automatically and quickly gather inventory (e.g. printer counter, toner / ink cartridge level, serial number..).

Use PIN Code
The authentication agent allows for the prompting of user ID and the PIN code before printing is allowed.

Use Client Code & Job Code
With PrintLimit keeping track of your printers usage is easy. You can easily work with job code, client billing code or task code to manage all your customer charging, with the information being tracking all along. Simple. Straightforward. Painless. Just the way we enjoy it!

Track Copier Usage & Consumption
Report on all of your printer as well as photocopier usage, maintain a record of who is printing (copying), where print jobs are coming from, amount of pages is being printed (copied), recognize discrepancies and review the printed documents just in minutes, without having all of the complications that got it a really unpleasant task in the first place!

Printer Status Monitor
At the time you’ve had a office stuffed with printers it may be quite challenging to keep track of where jobs are coming from. Our PrintLimit printer monitor tool involves tracking of all print servers, printers and print jobs from one location and delivers email alerts regarding printer problems, low cartridge toner, out of paper and when job have remained in the queue for longer than the predefined delay time.

Add Watermark / Header / Footer
A user name, computer name, day, time as well as page count can be put into footer or top area of any printed file.

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