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Plastic Cards

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Card Personalization Products and Services
Your solution to plastic cards and card personalization systems

Plastic Cards
As one of the most specialized company in the card arena, IQ-Card offers a wide range of cards, using the highest possible quality and security,to the ISO standards and using the following materials, printing technologies and types:

PVC, PET-G, PET, Lenticular PET, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Paperboard.

Laminated, Coated - Varnished mono or multi-layer.

Print Techniques
Offset, Screen Colors and Pantone®.

Data Medium
Magnetic Stripe, Memory or Processor IC, Contact or Contact-less Low or High Frequency.

Magnetic Stripe and IC encoding, Thermal Transfer, Retransfer and Inkjet Printing, Hot Stamping, Embossing and/or Indent Printing, Signature Panel, Scratch-off label, Scratch-off panel

Holograms, Invisible UV Ink, Background Textures

Telecom, Banking, Fidelity, Loyalty, Transport, Security, Identification, Retail

Although some combinations are not technologically available,
IQ-Card can produce almost any combination of the above.

Applications per Technology

Protected Memory Contact  
Telephone cards  
Electronic badges  
Electronic banking - cash cards  
Lock key cards  
ID cards

Memory - Contact-less
Electronic badges
Pre-paid cards
ID cards  

Telephone cards
Promotional cards
Pre-paid services cards

Magnetic stripe
Credit cards
Debit cards
Fidelity & Loyalty cards
Magnetic badge
ID cards

Smart - Processor cards
EMV cards, Credit & Debit
SIM cards
Digital signature cards
ID cards
Healthcare cards
TV Pay-per-view cards
Electronic banking
Electronic purses

Fidelity & Loyalty cards
Promotional cards
Magnetic badges

Applications per Industry

Identification Industry  
Identification cards
Access control cards
Personnel badges
Visitor badges
Electronic luncheon voucher
Key fobs & key tags
Hotel key cards
Insurance cards

Telecommunication Industry
Mobile top-up cards
Telephone cards

General Purpose
Warranty cards
Instruction cards
Information cards
Luggage Tags

Financial Services Industry

Bank cards
ATMs & Cash cards
Credit cards
Debit cards
Payment cards
Fidelity cards
All Bank cards: Magnetic Stripe, EMV or Hybrid

Retail Industry
Loyalty cards

Club cards
Membership cards
Prepaid cards
Electronic Purse cards
Gift cards
Fuel cards
Fleet cards

General Purpose Plastic Cards
White plastic cards
Monochrome plastic cards with selection from 16 basic colors plus black, silver and gold
Full color plastic cards with 4+1 or 4+4 color combination
Plastic cards with Magnetic Stripe
Plastic cards with Magnetic Stripe and Signature Panel
Plastic cards with Integrated Chip – IC, Smart Cards
Protected Memory Cards (T=1 Synchronous, Block-level transmission protocol).
Protected File Cards (T=1 or T=0).
Microprocessor Card (T=0 Asynchronous, Character-level transmission protocol).
Contact-less (RF - ID):
Proximity (125 kHz & 13.56 MHz).
Sticker (ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B, MIFARE® and MIFARE® DESfire EV1 and Smart MX from NXP).

Bank Plastic Cards
Full color plastic cards with 4+4 color combination
Plastic cards with Hologram VISA, MasterCard.
Plastic cards with Magnetic Stripe, Signature Panel and CVV/CVV2/CVC/CVC2 Panel
EMV Compliant
Contact: Micro-proccesor Card (T=0).
Contact-less: NCF, VISA PayWave and MasterCard PayPass.
Contact-less: Sticker.
Dual Interface: Contact & Contact-less.

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