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Print Management  
Print Management is based on PrintLimit® LLC Technology

We are providing a simple, easy-to-use print manager and monitor software which is used to keep track of and control your print jobs, bill your customer, set up your printer queue in order to optimize efficiency and get rid of the distress of manually arranging large range of print jobs.

Regardless of whether you’re managing a large corporation with hundreds of employees or own a small business with merely a couple of workers our Print Management solution will help you organize efficiently your printing processes, streamline printers’ usage and minimize your cost.

Our Print Management Software Suite works on the same network with any:
Printer Brand and Printer Technology
Combinations of Printers
Printer Interface and Combination of Printer Interfaces

Print Tracking 10

Very easy to use.

Print Tracking 10 can be installed on a single computer (Windows 32-bit or 64-bit).
Capability to track, count and manage printing of all other computers (Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac) in the organization.
Support any type of printing (Windows print server, direct IP printer and workstation connected USB printer).
Support any brand of printer and plotter (HP, Brother, Canon, Epson, OKI, Ricoh, Konica, Xerox....).
Does not require to have a Windows print server in order to track print jobs.
Deos not require to be installed on the Windows print server system, if Windows print server is used.
Manages, controls, monitors, tracks, counts, audits, quota, restricts, logs, reports all users' printing jobs.
Scans network and collect printers' counters, toners / ink usage, serial number...
Support also mobile device printing (e.g. wireless laptop, Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad).
It is designed for businesses, education institutions and goverment ogranizations of all sizes.
Supports both Domain and Workgroup environments.
Centralized print manager used by thousands of businesses, educational and govermental facilities.
Alert about low toner / ink level, out of paper, printer error etc..
Print authentication by user name and pin.
Clients billing by job code, client code or project code.
Supports Windows Active Directory integration.
Supports MS Access and MS SQL server (including the free version of SQL server, MS SQL Express).
Easy users / groups / print quotas / rules management.
Saves and view the content of printed documents.
100 reports designed for your print cost analysis and client billing in any language supported by MS Windoes.
Sends automatic reports by email, including logs of printing activity and analytic cost reports.
Reduces wasted printing by 20% - 50%.

Print Release Station 7.0

Print Release Station  7.0 can be installed on a single computer (Windows 32-bit or 64-bit).

Holds all print jobs until they are released manually.
Reduces paper wastage by 30% - 50%.
Supports Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac.
Supports also mobile device (e.g. wireless laptop, Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad).
Releases the print jobs from any location.
Supports "Pay for printing" and "Pay for copying".
Supports all brands of printers.
Supports Windows Active Directory Authentication.
Supports  prepaid account, coin, bill and card payments.
Supports kiosk with touch screen.
Allows to preview the content of holding print job before releasing it.
Automatically cancels unclaimed waiting jobs.
Suppoers password and privacy protection.
Supports 100 reports designed for cost analysis and billing.
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