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Card Personalization Products and Services
Your solution to plastic cards and card personalization systems

Premium Series
High Performance Card Personalization System, Engineered to Perfection.

Premium Series is a range of processes that can be physically and logically integrated to create different personalization functions. These processes can be configured into different combined production lines in order to satisfy different needs in terms of:

Product range.
Simultaneous management of production batches.

The total flexibility makes Premium Series the ideal device to meet the personalization requirements for banks, financial institutions, government offices, retail, transport and service bureaus.

Premium Series incorporates a wide range of personalization technologies
such as smart card encoding (contact and contactless), magnetic stripe encoding, embossing, thermal printing, and laser engraving.

Result of the innovative engineering approach is a processing speed up to 3,000 cards per hour. This makes Premium Series is suitable for high/medium volume card issuance. However, processing of smaller batches with the same speed and efficiency is perfectly feasible.

The various processes are autonomous and fully driven and controlled by an embedded software program located inside the System Master PC that manages all the personalization functions.

Premium Series features a unique card handling system that completely eliminates any scratches of the card while it has been designed to minimize downtime by making every single module accessible via the front opening.

Particular attention to detail has been given to the use of solidly built/long lasting components and high quality mechanical, electric, and electronic components. These features combined with a powerful remote-controlled auto-diagnosis tool allows efficient maintenance and troubleshooting, thus minimizing Total Cost of Ownership - TCO.

Prime Series Modules

Magnetic & chip encoding module
Multi-encoding module
Laser marking module
Thermal transfer printing module
Hot lamination module
Embossing module
Tipping module
Indent module


The MultiEncoder is one of the most technologically advanced modules in the Premium Series line. Designed from the ground up to perform fast electrical personalization of Contact and Contactless smart cards, the sophisticated MultiEncoder Module can manage electrical personalization of a variety of smart cards with different applications simultaneously to enhance production efficiency and throughput with a speed up to 3000 smart cards per hour.
MultiEncoder Module can operate as part of a complex production line performing all the different tasks of the card personalization process (magnetic stripe encoding, embossing, indent, etc.) in-line, or as a stand-alone module with a dedicated feeder and stacker.

Software Applications

PowerCard Integration

PowerCard Integration software is capable of managing the whole production process, from data import to card mailing, supervising multiple production lines simultaneously and ensuring complete integrity of the production area in real time. PowerCard Integration is the perfect application for production environments where a high throughput and a wide range of jobs are the norm.

Main featues:

Flexible data import.
Production line configuration. Production equipment can be in a parallel or in a row or in a cluster layout.
Split job in batches and sub-batches.
Handle the batch picking-list.
Monitor the ongoing production in real time.
Manage the load/unload of card bodies, carriers and envelopes.
Manage shipments and logistics by generating required documentation.
Issue standard or personalized reports.
PowerCard Integration is also compatible with the Pro Series and the Maxima series.

Key Management Crypto System - KMCS

The KMCS is an application that manages all the cryptographic operations and tasks required during the chip personalization process.The KMCS is handling cryptographic operations related to the smart card personalization process. This includes - but not limited to – both encryption and decryption operations and PIN related operations. This software is also providing users with intuitive functions to manage issuer and chip related key sets.The KMCS relies on a physically and logically protected cryptographic board (Hardware Security Module). This security level ensures that neither keys nor sensitive data are in clear outside the HSM thus protecting cardholder data and information during the complete issuance process.Thanks to key transfer protocols, all keys generated during the preparation phase can be securely and remotely transferred from one Hardware Security Module to another without any security breach.

Main features
Management of user profiles.
Issuer management.
Symmetric keys (DES) generation.
Import/export of symmetric keys.

Architecture and technology
Windows PC server compliant (Windows 2003/2008 Server).
Remote access through TCP/IP network.
Synchronous / asynchronous execution mode.
Multithread execution for parallel processes execution.
Recommended system requirements; Pentium Xeon Dual Core 2,8GHz with 512Kb cache, 4GB RAM, 320GB Hard Disk.

Software Technologies

Zen is the core of the Premium Series architecture and contains advanced technology solutions in terms of process scheduling, optimization of the personalization activities to maximize the performance, and last but not least, control of the single or combined events that occur in automation process. Zen software application supervises the management of a single station, the data processing and the job flow.

Main features:
Data acquisition and pre-processing.
Control of the single personalization station task.
Control of the batch production steps.
System/Station configuration.

Infinity is the software component that supports the graphic user interface (GUI), the import uction data, and the export of statistical data.

Main features:
System Console.
Job Management.
Graphic user interface based on a multi-document framework.
GUI permits the availability of different views of productions data and machine status at the same time.
Data base management: (a) Production data import, (b) Production data export and (c) Log file.

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