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Card Personalization Products and Services
Your solution to plastic cards and card personalization systems

XE Series

The XE SERIES is a complete personalization system defined by customer on a single production line with the aim of reducing the complexity of connection between machines / modules and the timing of card handling between the different machines.

Whether you are starting your first high-volume card personalization service or expanding an existing personalization system, CIM will configure the XE SERIES to meet your needs. It is based on modular Hardware / Software platform that allows to configure layout of the customization line and quickly implement standard card production systems (ID cards, Financial cards, Loyalty cards, etc. ) and customized production systems.

The design is based on combination of two or more basic elements (BIG and SMALL) in order to provide a cabinet for any more or less complex composition of personalization modules. The structure of all parts that composes the XE SERIES has been designed in order to have maximum ease on accessing for consumables changing and maintenance operating. In fact, we find a wide front doors that do not limit the actions of extraction and insertion of the cartridges of the consumable ribbons .

The solution is provided with a user interface based on a 5" sized touch screen with a resolution of 800x480, that allows to manage all the configuration and machine setup functions very easily thanks to the new window based hardware and software technology. A new electronic components and a state-of-the-art software shall complete the solution.

The XE SERIES includes a wide range of card personalization technologies, to perform all customization processes:
Magnetic stripe encoding
Multihopper/MultiChip encoding
Tipping/ Infill
Thermal printing
Flip over
Vision System and Data Collection
Card affixing and mailing

The XE SERIES is adaptable to reach a speed of up to 1200 cards per hour. Thanks to the innovative design technology used, it is designed for both the personalization of medium and large card batches and for the processing of small batches, maintaining the same production efficiency and speed.

MultiCard 2018 Software Application for Pro Series
Version 2018

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