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FPi 600 New
Small office, folder inserter with dual station and automatic double feed detector.

Processing up to 1,350 letters per hour makes the FPi600 folder inserter 10 x quicker than folding, inserting and sealing letters by hand, desktop convenience all in a small footprint.

Automation: The FPi600 folder inserter is up to 10 x faster than by hand, insert, fold and seal your letters easily and quickly. Just fill the FPi600 with your mailing contents and push start, it's that simple, if one paper feed station empties, the machine will automatically start to feed from the second, allowing you to refill the first, alternatively feed from both stations, simple and effective

Simple and Easy: We developed the FPi600 to be as simple as possible with it's fill and start button, just simply load the contents of your mailing in to the machine and push the 'fill and start' button, the machine will fold, insert and seal your letters for you including a fold only function, plus with a full colour touchscreen it's simplicity itself.

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FPi 2700 Medium Volume
Medium/Low volume franking system at up to 30 cycles per minute for small businesses, cost svaing,accurate and efficient.

Flexible Configurations: The FPi 2700 comes in 5 ranges to suit your business needs. Select how many feeders you require dependent on the mailings that you send. The 2725 range allows integration of a maxi-feeder for higher volumes and a special short feeder for different types of paper and enclosures.

CIS scanner: Add the optional CIS scanner to your machine for it to read all common codes on your mailings: Barcodes (1D, 2D), OMR, OCR. This allows you to send larger, complex mailers accurately and efficiently. You can create these codes with Flextream.

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FPi 4700 Medium Volume

Flexible and flat folding and inserting for mid range volumes.

OMR: Automatic optical mark reading (OMR). The inserter can read coded marks on the documents to reliably determine the number and sequence of each mailing.

Versatile: The new FPi 4700 inserting system is available in two base models to perfectly meet your individual inserting needs. The FPi 4720 comes with two feeder stations, including an upper station configured as a high-capacity unit (HC) for processing larger volumes of mail. The FPi 4730 is delivered with three stations as standard.

Simple and Easy: The ultra-compact FPi 4700 solves your individual mail handling needs professionally, reliably, quietly and quickly. With a 7" high resolution Touch-screen control panel for total operating simplicity. Just select your settings and go. The FPi 4700 is the new professional inserting solution for mid-range mail volumes.

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FPi 5700 High Volume, Elite Series
Part of the Elite Series; documents can be fed from up to 6 stations, available in various configurations. The high capacity vertical stacker holds 500 envelopes, ergonomically designed for easy handling, allowing 4,000 cycles per hour.

Large application mailshot inserter: You want your outgoing mail to get where it’s going fast. The growing variety of mailings, tight schedules, and the need for efficiency in the mail room demands ever more performance from folding and inserting solutions.

Modular, powerful FPI 5700: Documents can be fed from up to six stations, available in various configurations. Automatic and special stations, a high-capacity feeder, short feeder tray and maxi-feeder are also available. The high capacity vertical stacker holds 500 envelopes, ergonomically designed for easy handling. The FPI 5700 can handle up to 4,000 letters per hour in C6, DIN long, and C5 formats and up to 60,000 letters per month.
Intelligent and configurable: Security and monitoring functions ensure that every envelope is correctly and completely filled. The intelligent technology reads the whole page, allowing flexible use of OMR. Everybody can use the FPi 5700. The 7-inch glass display and intuitive operation guide and support the user with easy-to-understand directions. With self-explanatory graphics-oriented menu options and an ‘on-board’ operating manual. The FPi 5700 will automatically adjust and save settings to its memory, which can be recalled instantly.

FPi 6700 High Volume, Elite Series
Part of the Elite Series; The FPi 6700 has a 10-inch glass display and is completely flexible with 2-7 stations, allowing 4,300 cycles per hour.

Intelligent, high volume, versatile: The FPi 6700 is the most powerful in the range and can process large volumes of mail; up to 4,300 pieces every hour. Allowing up to 7 feeding stations and a vertical power stacker as standard, the FPi 6700 can deliver exceptional results for your large mailing requirements. The intelligent scanning device can read coding on the mailings ensuring 100% accuracy in processing

Flexible configuration: The FPi 6700 is completely flexible allowing 2-7 stations. The (optional) versa-feeder allows brochures to be fed through, adding material to letter contents without folding it prior to inserting. In its maximum configuration, with 2 Maxi-feeders and high-volume document feeder, it can process more than 3,000 sheets of paper

Intuitive operation: The FPi 6700 has a 10-inch glass display. Its self-explanatory graphics-oriented menu options and an ‘on-board’ operating manual allows for intuituve operation, even for occasional users.LAN, WLAN or USB options are available. You can easily load lists of your inserting jobs on your computer via USB.

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