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Your solution to plastic cards and card personalization systems

Card Instant Issuance System - CIIS™
Card Instant Issuance System is based on CubeIQ Ltd. Technology

Card Instant Issuance System is a system in terms of integrating a software application with the name Card Instant Issuance Application - CIIA™ and desktop plastic card printing machines.

Card Instant Issuance Application
- CIIA™ is a software application specially designed for the issuance of plastic cards at remote locations such as a bank branch or a retailer's store (local issuance).

initial releases worked with all CIM's MAXIMA Series desktop plastic card standard personalization machines (861 821 & 821T). Last releases, except CIM MAXIMA Series enriched with three (3) new models 120Plus, 120i and Combi500, also support personalization machines from different vendors such as Fargo , Evolis, CTS Electronics, Matica and NBS.   Macines from other manufucturers are under cerification. Virtually any card peronalization machine can be supported by CIIA™.
For additional information and details on
CIIA™ technology and featues please visit CubeIQ Ltd. web site.

Server & Network Server (embossMe)
Stand Alone


Retail & Enterprise
Health Care

Server & Network Server (embossMe)
This architectural approach is for financial institutions and banks that have and operate a Card Management System in house and at a branch level have an application (usually a terminal control program) for transferring customer’s data on-line to the card management system for producing – personalizing a card at the central site. This card after the personalization is mail to the customer address. Before or after the card the PIN mailer has been send usually with registered mail. Within this operational environment the card management system is configured to print – send the card data (TRACK I&II) to a remote virtual printer that in fact is a personal computer in which CIIA™ Server edition runs and a personalization machine is connected. CIIA™ Server edition operates as an advance print server. The application detects the file that contains the card data and uses its contents to drive the personalization machine for personalizing the card.

Stand Alone
CIIA™ Stand Alone edition has been realized with a specific architecture in order to be used in banks and financial institutions that do not have an in-house card management system but they use an independent service provider – ISP or an application service provider – ASP for the provision of card management services.

CIIA™ Client/Server edition of the application is the total, turnkey solution on card instant issuance technology at the bank branch level. This architectural approach is for financial institutions and banks that have and operate a Card Management System in house and they do not operate at a branch level any card issuance application. CIIA™ Client/Server edition covers all aspects of card issuing at bank branch level. CIIA Client/Server edition is consistent of a number of modules and sub-modules.
main modules are:


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