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EMV Card Instant Issuance System - CIIS/EMV™
EMV Card Instant Issuance System is based on CubeIQ Ltd. Technology

Card Instant Issuance System is a system in terms of integrating a software application with the name Card Instant Issuance Application - CIIA™ and desktop plastic card printing machines.

Card Instant Issuance Application - CIIA™ is a software application specially designed for the issuance of plastic cards at remote locations such as a bank branch or a retailer's store (local issuance).

Card Instant Issuance Application for EMV cards - CIIA/EMV™ is an enriched edition of CIIA™ for supporting the personalization of EMV cards at remote locations such as a bank branch or a retailer's store (local issuance).

Thanks to instant issuance solutions, the customer experience is improved by delivering the EMV smart card on the spot using a simple personalization solution. As card holders receive their card immediately at the branch, the whole process can be centrally monitored, managed and supervised.

The entire card creation process takes less than a minute to complete:
Cardholder’s personal information is entered at the branch’s desktop interface.
Cardholder’s data are send to the central database for authorization.
Cardholder’s data are merged with the EMV card and loyalty (option) data at the central database.
Multiple requests are treated in parallel in a real time environment.
Data are sent from the central database, encrypted, to the branch though TCP/IP network.
Branch application validates the data and acknowledges the reception.
Customer Services clerk starts the personalization process.
EMV Chip electrical personaization with reduced online communication.
Reduced online communication for enhancing security & optimising performance.
Magnetic stripe and Graphical personaization.
The EMV smart card is ready to be used in any ATM or EFT/POS

For additional information and details on
CIIA/EMV technology and features please visit CubeIQ Ltd. web site.

Retail & Enterprise


Smart card issuance in a minute
Intuitive in-branch interface.
Integrated application on top of personalization machines.
Personalization machines from CIM™, CTS Electronics™, Matica™, Fargo™, Evolis™ and NBS™.
Process fully compliant with Payment Schemes security rules.

Ready for new business opportunities
Next generation of smart card issuance.
Build up innovative co-branding programs.

Build long term customer relationship
Increase card activation rates and enhance customer loyalty.
Create an unrivalled image of efficiency and proximity.

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