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Card Personalization Products and Services
Your solution to plastic cards and card personalization systems

IQ-Card Limited is an IT company specialized in plastic cards production and plastic cards applications in the banking, public and retail market segments.

The company focuses its activities on offering turn-key solutions in the areas of:

Plastic cards production.
Card printing and personalization machines.
Metal plates printing machines.
Card management systems.
Card printing management systems.
EMV card issuance and personalization systems.
Consumer loyalty systems.
ID systems.
POS and POS peripherals: bar code readers, magnetic stripe readers, smart card readers etc.

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Featured Products

Asset Management Software

Asset Manager is a software system for managing and tracking the “mobile” assets of an organization but it can also be used for tracking organization’s “fixed” assets. With Asset Manager you can track the assets you have, where they are, how much they cost, and more. You can use existing barcodes or create your own to check in and check out tools and equipment to employees. Asset Manager takes only a few minutes to install.


Check in and check out assets.
Track “mobile” and “ fixed” assets in your business.
Track service, vendors, and contacts.
Calculate assets depreciation and present value.

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Print Management Software Suite

We are providing a simple, easy-to-use print manager and monitor software which is designed and built to keep track of and control your print jobs, bill your customer, set up your printer queue in order to optimize efficiency and get rid of the distress of manually arranging large range of print jobs.

Our Print Management Software Suite works on the same network with any:

Printer Brand

Printer Technology
Combinations of Printers
Printer Interface
Combination of Printer Interfaces

Magnetic Media, Documents & Items Shredding, Crushing and Degaussing Systems

We are providing Data Destruction, Compacting and Sorting Machines and Systems that can be used by Corporates, Banks and Insurance Companies, Telecommunication Companies, Government Organizations and Agencies, Police and Military, Security Providers, IT Logistic, Recycling Companies for destroying sensitive, important and vital data.

Magnetic Media and Hard Disks Degaussing, Shredding and Crushing Solutions
Enterprise High Security, High Capacity and Cross Cut Office Shredding Systems
Industrial High Capacity, Heavy Duty Shredding Systems
Industrial High Capacity Material, Plastic and Iron Sorting Systems
Industrial High Capacity Shredding and Balers Systems

Materials: Paper, Paper Packets, CD, DVD’s, USB, Plastic Cards, Floppy, Metal Clips, Hard Disks, Mobile phones, Solid Sate Drives and Computer Chassis

Plastic Card Printer: CIM SUNLIGHT SATURN

CIM's SUNLIGHT SATURN is a fast, versatile, yet affordable card printer build with the latest generation of features and technology. Configured with a variety of available options enables personalization of any type of card, from the simplest to the most complex. Featuring a small footprint and optional two input hoppers, the SUNLIGHT SATURN is easy to deploy in any operating environment. It is designed for small to medium production volumes and it is the ideal card printer for any application needing real-time plastic card printing.

Advantage™ & rewardMe™
The most comprehensive, full featured, cost effective loyalty solution available. Advantage™ & rewardMe™ cover all aspects of a retail loyalty system; from a small single shop merchant up to a multi merchant / multi store / multi game installation.
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Easy Inserting & Mailing: Francotyp Desktop Inserters
Compact, reliable, tabletop inserting systems offer a lot of functions and returns its investment, even in offices with just mail 50 letters a day. Francotyp inserters handle your outgoing mailing, everything from postcard-sized mailings to standard business correspondence.
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EMV Card Instant Issuance Solution CIIA/EMV™
ard Instant Issuance Application for EMV cards - CIIA/EMV™ is the most sophisticated EMV Card Instant Issuance applications in the market. Combining more than 10 years of experience in instant issuing magnetic stripe card systems together with our core EMV card issuance technology we deliver a superior, highly secure, highly parameterized, n-tier client/server software application that covers any business requirement for instant issuing of EMV cards in remote location such as bank branches and retailer outlets.
Card Instant Issuance System - CIIS/EMV™ is a system in terms of integrating CIIA/EMV™ with desktop plastic card printing machines (embossers, indenters and thermal printers).
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IQ-Card Ltd. is official authorized distributor and repair centre of CIM, a MF Group SpA division, machines and card personalization systems, for more then twelve countries in South East Europe among which are: Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Albania, F.Y.R.O.M and Kosovo.

© Copyright 2003 – 20024 IQ-Card Limited. All rights reserved.
HQ: 78 Vizantiou & Vithinia's St., 14234, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece.
Tel:  (+30)-210-9530-242
Fax: (+30)-210-6255-672
General Inquiries: info[at]iq-card[dot]gr
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